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Main things about Social Security in Andorra (CASS)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The social security scheme of Andorra is one of the best in the world, due to the small size of the country, all the necessary authorities are located in one state institution, which is liable for the functioning of the entire bureaucratic system.

According to #30 of the Constitution of Andorra is responsible for social security: “The right to health care and benefits to meet other personal needs is recognized. For this, the state will guarantee the social security system”. Thus, the safety of insured persons is spelled out in the law and is directly governed by legislation.


The CASS is an institution that has been working since 1966 intending to fully provide and control the social security system. The main tasks of this association are:

  • Registration of people, data regulation, as well as regulation over the receipt of finance;

  • Inspection and investigation of offenses and scams;

  • Administration of affairs, including controversial ones, application of agreements, or their lifting;

  • Work in court with cheats and violators in the manner prescribed by law;

This organization has a lot of powers, according to the law, it can make decisions allied to worldwide and inside agreements and conventions that relate to social security, as well as create various new directions, opening new institutions, special departments.

Social Security Departments

CASS consists of two main branches:

  • General department: this includes payments for the incapacity for work of citizens, paternity, motherhood, disability, payments to orphans. This department deals exclusively with these issues.

  • Retirement fund: This includes purely retirement benefits as well as widowhood benefits.

System composition

The system for determining payments consists, in turn, of two phases: general and special. They are divided according to the following principle:

The general scheme includes:

  • Church ministers;

  • Civil servants, including politicians;

  • Athletes flying the flag of the Principality;

  • Managers of state enterprises and firms;

  • Land tenants, farmers;

  • Private entrepreneurs of the Principality of Andorra;

  • Other segments of the population receiving assistance from the state in accordance with the established procedure.

The special scheme includes:

  • Orphans or others who can’t take care of themselves due to obvious circumstances;

  • Prisoners;

  • People receiving salaries below the minimum established;

  • People with a temporary or permanent disability, people with disabilities;

  • Students;

  • Insured persons:

  • Persons who, for some reason, retired earlier than usual.

Aids to the Social Insurance Fund

According to the legislation, the compulsory social security contribution is equal to 22% of the salary. This sum is distributed as follows:

  • 6.5% of this 22% goes to CASS, where 3% goes to the general department and 3.5% goes to the pension.

  • Further, the company pays 15.5% (7% for the general scheme and 8.5% for the special)

It must be the company that is in control of paying interest on salaries in the CASS, so there are employment options with a “clean” salary, where the company takes on all interest costs.

Self-employment tax

Self-employment tax is present here, but for the most part, it includes business leaders, but often these contributions are much cheaper for them.

The same 22% of the salary is implied, but most often this sum is set according to the usual payment in Andorra and the minimum input amount for the self-employed — 2,041.35 euros. It turns out to be about 450 € per month. 10% of this amount is charged to the administrative fund and 12% to the pension fund.

It is also worth noting that freelance workers can receive benefits if they meet the necessary necessities for this. In this case, this issue will be addressed directly by CASS.

Health and healthcare in Andorra

Andorra is one of the most advanced countries in the area of health care. She is a leader in various lists and rankings related to health care over the past years and adheres to the principles of autonomy and the duty of doctors to patients. Payments and subsidies are very carefully regulated directly by CASS, including care for the sick, temporarily disabled, as well as directly to medical workers and are based on prescribed contracts with health organizations. Sometimes the costs are covered directly by the government, and sometimes they are compensated ex post facto.

  • Thus, the services of outpatient clinics or medical centers are covered by at least 75%.

  • For hospitalization, CASS covers 90% of the charges if insurance is available. And even in the absence of it, options are possible.

  • All charges connected to work accidents or work-related health problems, including pregnancy and childbirth, are fully covered.

  • Any side consumables.

Odes to health care, such as the services of a dentist, therapist, etc., are covered by 33% of the total.

Social Security and Health Agreement between Andorra and other countries

An important point, because many Andorran citizens live in neighboring countries — Italy, France, Spain. Therefore, there is a reliable law on the avoidance of double taxation, as well as social security agreements with Spain, Italy, France.

For obvious reasons, the clauses of these agreements are not decisive, and each case is considered separately, but a person can get social security without any problems, even while in another state. Therefore, even being in Italy, you will receive all your payments under the established procedure from the Italian side, which in turn will send the invoices to Andorra.

Let's summarize the about the social security assistances in Andorra

Usual taxes are 22%, of which 6.5% is paid by the employee and the last 15.5% — by the company from the employee's income, or their own funds — by agreement. For freelancing, this figure usually does not exceed 500 euros each month.

Can I live in Andorra and receive an income or assistance in another country?

No problem. You will receive your money directly from a country with which Andorra has an agreement, for example, from Italy, and this country, in turn, will compensate itself for the costs through communication with Andorra.

What health expenses are covered by Andorra?

One of the greatest strengths of this country. CASS covers up to all subsidized health care costs and up to 33% of unsubsidized ones.

Does Andorra cover happenings abroad?

In several countries, for example, Spain, you can easily be served at the expense of Andorra, without any problems and bureaucratic delays.

If you want to move to Andorra and you are interested in all the points related to this, then be sure to write to us. We will go with you throughout the entire process of obtaining a residence permit, as well as starting a business.

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