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Can you have fun in Andorra?

As a European tourist country, the Principality of Andorra contains a whole range of entertainment options for every taste. It's amazing how such a small country managed to accommodate entertainment for one and all. Here you will find nature reserves, historical monuments, shopping centers, ski resorts, and nightclubs as well. And we remind you that the area of this state is only 468 km²! That is, the whole country is more than three times smaller than the capital of Great Britain, London! And so many interesting things are located in it.

We already have a separate article on the site about various historical monuments and ski resorts, which you can find on our site. Here we will tell you about more "capitalist" leisure activities associated with various entertainment venues.

Where to go in Andorra for entertainment first

One of the central places in the city is Meritsel Avenue. There’re the largest number of stores is located, here you can spend your money and have fun with might and main. From clothing to sporting goods and branded alcohol, you can find all of this here. It is logical that the Pyrenees, the largest shopping complex in the country, is located here. There are also a lot of clothing stores and other interesting things here, but this shopping center is also notable for electronics stores, where the prices pleasantly surprise new arrivals, because, taking into account the duty-free trade, they are much lower than in neighboring countries. Cinemas, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds are included.

Charlemagne Avenue should be mentioned. It is less interesting in terms of shopping, but a more beautiful and pleasant place to relax. In addition to shops, there are cute cafes and chic restaurants. Parades, flash mobs and so on are constantly taking place here. In the evening this street transforms even more: the fountains and the lights are turn on and the

Charlemagne turns into a real show! Many people come here to spend the evening with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or just sitting on a bench and admiring the surroundings.

If we talk about bars, we can’t fail to mention the most famous institution — La Birreria Andorra. Their feature is a very wide selection of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a wide cocktail menu, as well as delicious beer that is brewed directly here and in local breweries in the neighborhood. Just remember that this establishment does not work until the morning. If you are a fan of walking all night until the morning, then in advance choose a hotel for yourself, where the bar works 24 hours or closes early in the morning — fortunately, you can find out this information without any problems before booking.

For everyone else, there are nightclubs. There are two largest ones here. The first is Monopol 80´s Andorra. Very beautiful, originally designed in retro style. Visitors celebrate disco-era music, old game consoles, lighting, and more. Great nostalgia. Everyone is happy after visiting. Moreover, McDonald's is located almost across the street from this club, and whoever loves to go to clubs will confirm that this is a very pleasant neighborhood!

The second popular nightclub is La Sal. This place looks more like a classic disco with modern music, powerful lasers, and everything else.

But don't think that this is all. Andorra still has a large number of pubs and bars: English, Irish, Italian, and so on. If popular establishments close early, then lovers of nightlife, with a strong desire, will be able to find by themselves where the coolest party is taking place today! In such a small city, it will not be difficult to do this, the main thing is a taxi driver who knows the city.

If you have any questions regarding how to go on vacation to Andorra from any European country, or if you are wondering if you will find something interesting for yourself here, then write to us and ask all your questions. But we promise that you will remember the holidays here for a long time!

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