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What does it cost to live in Andorra today?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Everyone who makes up their mind to move to another country for living in happiness asks themselves this question: “What does it actually cost to live there on a regular basis?” Talking about living in Andorra, this question is even more difficult to answer due to particular features of the local lifestyle. Of course, the tax policy is pretty sweet here, though if the prices for other aspects of living turn out to be too expensive, one would encounter rather a disadvantage to reside in this country, so let’s find out what does it take financially.

Living in Andorra a few years earlier cost minimum €1,000 for one person monthly (which is €14,000, to say the least) where the biggest sums are spent for the rental alone. But not only will

Andorra today

we provide you with the most up-to-date information, but we will touch other essential aspects of living and look at them in detail.

First of all, it is important to note that Andorra has been widely known for skiing resorts, alcoholic and tobacco production, and shopping as a whole. It is maintaining its tourist and commercial directions to this day. This has resulted in decreasing prices here to the envy of every adjacent country. Don’t expect that the prices are equally low for every piece of good though. Be ready that some products and residential spaces are pretty expensive.


Going to a supermarket in Andorra doesn’t differ from doing the same thing in Spain in terms of the prices. The goods are usually imported from Spain, but the really low Value Added Tax doesn’t increase the prices too much.

Just have a look at these most common foods to buy in a supermarket and their prices:

bread (1 loaf) — €0,8-1

cheese (1 kg) — €10-15

milk — €0,90

potato (1 kg) — €1,2

tomato (1 kg) — €2-2,5

onion (1 kg) — €0,9

eggs (dozen) — €1,5-2

lettuce (piece) — €0,7-1,5

white rice (1 kg) — €1,2-1,5

veal (1 kg) — €13-17

chicken (1 kg) — €7

apples (1 kg) — €1,5

oranges (1 kg) — €1

bananas (1 kg) — €1,3

water (1,5 l) — €0,4-0,7

yogurt (12 units) — €2

By our calculations, an average food shopping will add extra €150-200 to your monthly expenses.

There is a lifehack: simply go to La Seu d’Urgell — aSpanish town which is the nearest to Andorra. Visit the Mercadona there and do your shopping with no taxes. You should ask for the digital certificate (DIVA) and have it stamped at the border to make this happen.

Alcohol and smokables

When it comes to alcoholic and tobacco products, Andorra has all the rights to brag about the lowest prices comparing to its neighbours, mostly because they overload the prices for these products with taxes, resulting in 60% higher costs or even more, whereas in Andorra, both alcohol and smokables are duty-free.

That’s being said, buying a bottle of beer will cost you around €0,8-1,5 for 1 liter and about €0,3-0,5 for 0,33 liters. Soft drinks have similar prices.

A bottle of average wine will cost you about €4-5, while vodka is a bit more expensive — from €6 to €17. Whiskey is a bit cheaper, usually costing up to €11.

A standard pack of cigarettes usually costs around €3,3-3,8, and if you are willing to buy a whole box of them, prepare to pay from €28 to €32.

living in Andorra

Accommodation and utilities

Now we have approached the most expensive aspect of living in Andorra. Though, the prices you will see here are still lower than in, say, Barcelona or Madrid. If you need to rent some housing, you will meet mostly well-managed places which are worth their cost.

Renting an average one-bedroom studio will cost you €400-600.

Depending on the location, the price for such a place may rise to €700-800.

A three-bedroom apartment costs from €800-900 to €1100-1400 depending on the size.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that these are the average prices. Luxurious housing may cost from €1500, up to €5000 or even higher.

Buying yourself a living space costs from €2700 to €3300 per m2.

Utilities in an inefficient housing will add €50-70 to your expenses, while water, gas and electricity in an efficient housing will cost €20-40.

These services are considered to be among the cheapest in Europe, however, as you may see, it varies regarding the technology which is installed at home.

Internet costs from €25 to €35, depending on speed (from 300 Mbps to 700 Mbps respectively).

Hiring a housekeeper will cost €10 for an hour of work.

Public transport and fuel

Oil has recently fallen in prices which has resulted in cheaper fuel. So in Andorra, transportation has little to add to the overall expenses. Thus, diesel costs €0,9-1 while gas costs €1-1,15. If you rely on public transport, a bus ride is €1,85. Local people prefer to buy a monthly pass though which costs €42,5.

Hiring a taxi will cost you €1-1,25 per 1 km. You can also rent a car for 1 day and pay €8,25 for this to happen.

Medicine and pharmacy

Medicine and pharmacy

Andorra has one of the best health systems in the world. This touches pharmacy as a result. Medication is quite cheap here.

See for yourself:

Ibuprofen or similar — €5-7

Cold meds — €5-6

Antibiotics — €5-6

Toilet paper — €1,5-2 (standard pack of 6 rolls)

Toothpaste — €1-2

Body spray — €2-3

Attend a specialist — €25-35

Clothing and footwear

This is yet another point that is cheaper compared to the neighboring countries. Even the same shops that other countries have, among which are Zara, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, and others, have 5% or even 10% lower prices in Andorra.

As for footwear, you can count on finding a pair of branded sneakers for €60-70 or formal shoes for €90-100.

buy a house in Andorra


Going out to eat in a restaurant is variably expensive. That is, eating some fast food will cost you around €7-8. Adding local beer or a softer drink will add you near €2 to the bill. Want to have a coffee? €1-1,5 and you’re fine.

The same price goes for a bottle of water. Let’s dive into some restaurants where the price varies the most. Eating in a simple restaurant will cost you around €10-12. A restaurant of a higher class will offer you meals resulting in about €20 of a bill.

Dining in luxurious places almost undoubtedly will cost you at least €35, but the price can be twice as high.


When it comes to leisure time, the prices are not extremely cheaper than, say, in Spain. Although they vary a lot, we will count the average ones.

Going to the movies is €7, while theaters offer performances at a more expensive rate of around €25.

Want to have a cocktail in a club? That’s €5-7 if you please. Or stop your choice on beer, which is €2-3.

Gyms vary a lot as for the monthly prices. Subscribing to one will cost you from €20 to €90 monthly.

Simply renting a court to play tennis is €10-15 per hour.

Devices and appliances

Once again, the prices for this category of goods are really lower compared to the adjacent countries. Just imagine, some pieces of electronics may cost 10% or even 40% lower here. With this in mind, you should not be afraid that this aspect of living will be mercilessly striking to your wallet.

You can simply look up at the Andorra Free Market and witness how the prices for house appliances differ from the ones in other countries. That spreads not only on buying, but installing and maintaining them as well.

There is a popular place to buy smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets — Andorra 2000. Basically, this is a supermarket for electronics and has really attractive prices.

Probably, such goods as tasers and car anti-radars are more suitable to this category, so it is worth noting that they are available for purchasing here, unlike many other countries. By the way, the same availability spreads on extendable batons and pepper sprays.

actually costs to live in Andorra

In conclusion

Let’s do the overall counting of what it actually costs to live in Andorra for one person per month.

Housing rent €500-700

Comestibles and pharma €200

Transportation €30-40

Leisure, clothes, devices, etc. €200

Overall: €950-1200

Of course, these numbers are average and differ from one person to another. But they give a really good hint at what you can expect to spend monthly here.

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