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Cost of living in Andorra

Thinking about moving to the principality of Andorra, many people consider that living here is quite expensive because this is a small country with its own territorial characteristics. However in reality the situation here is exactly the opposite.

The prices for the “consumer basket” in Andorra are surprisingly lower than the average European states and almost one and a half times lower than in the capitals of European states and its large cities. First of all, this is due to the fact that the MPE in this country for the overwhelming majority of goods is only 4.5%, and for some medicines and other vital goods is absent at all! For utilities, this figure is at around 10%. And this is incredibly good news for everyone who wants to move here. In addition, if you officially receive less than a certain amount, it can exempt you from tax rates and even from some payments.

The Department of Statistics in the Principality of Andorra say, that for a quiet life in this country you need around 1050-1200 euros per month for one family. This cost includes expenses for food, utility bills, basic household items. This figure is pretty easy to believe according to the retail prices we mark below.

If we talk about a comfortable everyday life, then the ex-pats who live here claim that 2,000 euros for a person living in a city are more than enough to cover all the necessary needs, including leisure and entertainment, buying clothes, transport, and so on. Quite a reasonable amount, given the comparable average official wages.

How much is the "consumer basket" in Andorra

Now let's get closer as to the immediate prices. Utilities here are below the European average. For an apartment with an area of 60-80 square meters, you will pay no more than 60-90 euros per month including heating in winter. At other times of the year, this amount will be less.

The Internet costs here as elsewhere in Europe — about 40 euros. This sum will grant you high-speed Internet access and about the same amount you have to pay for mobile communications.

Food prices in Andorra are quite democratic and will delight those who like to eat well.

  • So fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) in a chain supermarket here cost 1-1.5 euros per kilogram;

  • onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes — 0.5-1.5 euros per kilo;

  • meat — 10-15 €;

  • minced meat — up to 10 €;

  • eggs — one and a half euros per dozen;

  • cheese — 10-15 € per kilo;

  • groats — 1 €;

  • bread — 1-1.5 €;

  • milk — less than 1 € per liter;

  • cigarettes — 3-3.5 €;

  • a bottle of beer — 0.5-0.8 €

  • a bottle of local wine — 4-5 €

At the same time, the quality of the products is at a very high level.

It will cost you a little more to enjoy restaurant food in Andorra, but it's still quite acceptable. The prices for drinks in various establishments are about 2-3 times higher than in a store, and the average bill in an inexpensive restaurant per person will be about 10 € and up to 20 € in a mid-level restaurant. The average bill in fast food restaurants like McDonald's is about 8 €.

Transportation prices in Andorra are not the most democratic in the world. A ticket for local transport costs about 2 €, which is quite a lot. A taxi will cost you about € 1.25 per kilometer on an unloaded day, not counting a boarding cost of around € 2.5, and a liter of petrol costs just over € 1 here. However, there is a very convenient travel pass that costs only 40 € per month and allows you to use all public transport in the principality.

Fashionistas will be pleased with the local prices for clothes in Andorra, because thanks to low tax rates, prices for global brands of shoes and outerwear here are almost the same as on official sites. Basic sports sneakers (Nike, Adidas) cost about 60 € here, leather shoes can be bought up to 100 €, dresses, jeans and so on (Zara, Levi’s, etc) - for 50-100 €

If you have any questions about the cost of living in Andorra or any other, then please contact us for advice. You can count on us in any case, whether you are already in the country, or just planning your move or tour.

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